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About Ramesh Dugar

Ramesh Dugar is a Chartered Accountant with 40+ years of experience, entrepreneur and a financial advisor.

My Specialisation

I have a deep understanding of the Stock Market, knowledge of Portfolio Development, excellent grip in Financial Market Research, proficiency in Equity Risk Management, and expertise in Trend Analysis.

Stock Recommendations

You can count on me!! I am on a mission to make you financially literate and help you achieve your dreams by guiding you on how to invest in the Indian stock market. Buy cheap, sell high. Easy, no? But hard to follow! Use my stock tips and enjoy successful trading sessions/investing. You deserve it.

Portfolio Diversification

I am here to resolve all your stock market myths as I promote value investing. I am aware of all those correlation tactics, rebalancing strategies, and the science behind alternative investments. Diversification is an art, learn it from me by following my lead.

Latest Trends

There are pandemics. There are wars. And, there are stocks. It's not over, there are rumours too. Sorry, I left the political state and central bank announcements. A market is a rumour machine and it is up to you which rumour to believe. I have been dealing with all these rumours and manipulators’ tactics for the last 40 years. I have the ability to preconceive all these notions and identify the future of a particular share precisely.

Wealth Building

Invest with me! You might delay, but time will not. I have helped people become millionaires by investing their pennies in stocks, which I believe have an excellent future. Use my research skills and let your money grow. No matter whether you are a conservative investor or an aggressive one, I have plans for each one of you. READ MORE

Stock Market Tracker

Want to make money from the share market? Follow my portfolio in the stock tracker. I use my experience, and understanding of the different market cycles and moves. You don’t want to miss out on it! The portfolio for shares is updated every week Next update will be made on.


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